Citylink and Eastlink road tolls

Some members with cars on the Club Permit Scheme (CPS) have been enjoying a free ride on Melbourne’s toll roads.
CPS vehicles have never been exempt from paying tolls, however there was a loophole in that Citylink and Eastlink did not have the ability to trace CPS vehicles due to them being on a different database to fully registered vehicles. It appears as though this has changed and Eastlink are sending letters to CPS owners advising them to either open an account or add their CPS vehicle/s to their existing account, no doubt Citylink will be doing likewise. Eastlink have advised that they won’t be seeking retrospective payment for trips already completed, hopefully Citylink will adopt the same policy. Just because you haven’t received a letter yet doesn’t mean that you are getting away with it, letters have been known to get delayed or lost, so to avoid any unexpected toll fees and potentially penalties get an e-tag for your CPS vehicle.
Keith Taylor
Club President.