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Parts For Sale

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For Sale: - Various Chevrolet and Pontiac Parts 1920's to 1970's - Doors, Panels, Trims, Bootlids and more...

The below is a list of parts owned by the Chevrolet Car Club of Victoria Inc. and are now being offered for sale to anyone interested. Parts are in varying conditions ranging from fair to very good.

Chevrolet Doors:
2 - 1966 RH/Rear
1965 LH/Front
1963 LH/Rear
1962 LH/Front (Shell only)
1963 LH/Front
1962 RH/Front (Shell only)
1961/2? LH/Rear (Shell only)
1961/2? RH/Rear (Shell only)

Pontiac Doors:
1965 RH/Rear
1965 LH/Front
1963 RH/Rear
1966 LH/Rear
1965 LH/Rear Pillarless
1966 RH/Front
1963 RH/Front
1963 LH/Front
1966 RH/Rear
1963 LH/Front
1966 LH/Front
1965 LH/Front
1963 LH/Front
1963 LH/Front

2 x 1968 Chevrolet
3 X 1967 Pontiac

1 x 1967 Pontiac RH tail light

1962 Pontiac panels as follows - (custom paint)
Nose assembly - top and bottom panels, chrome centre, bonnet release brace, Plenum vent cover, Chrome (rusty). Left front guard (dual frenched aerial mounts), Right front guard.
Front & Rear Bumpers

1963/4? Plenum vent cover. Could be Chevrolet or Pontiac?

Small block 4 BBL intake (346249) (1975 Vette and other apps)
Small block 2 BBl intake (3919801) 1968 327
Used 350 Chev conrods and pistons
4 various flex plates

Used chin spoiler Camaro W/O RS 1970-1973 (3990469) - Sold

Wheels and tyres:
4 of 5” x 14” 5-studs
4 of 13” 4-stud pattern 12 slot chromeys (poor)
11 of 16” 6-studs, slight variations

4 of 1920/30’s alloy wheel bearing caps, Chev insignia.

Various armrests to suit doors above.
Various doortrims, best guess at what they fit are
2 - LH/Rear pillarless 1967/8 Pontiac blue
2 - LH/Front Pillarless 1967/8 Pontiac blue
1 - LH/Rear Pillared 1967/8 Pontiac blue
Set of 4 - 1967 Pontiac Pillarless Black
2 - LH/Front early 1960’s brown
1 - RH/Front early 1960’s brown
1 - RH/Rear early 1960’s brown

1 - 1968/9 Pontiac parcel shelf blue

4 Cyl Crankshaft - 1920’s vintage.

Also - Some other misc parts available.

Below are photos of a few these parts. - More photos available.

1963 Pontiac LH/Front Door

1965 Pontaic Pillarless LH/Rear Door

1962 Chev RH/Front Door

1967 Pontiac Pillarless LH/Front Door

1965 Pontiac RH/Rear Door

1966 Pontiac LH/Front Door

1967 Pontiac Bootlid

1967 Pontiac Parisienne Door Trims

1963 /1964 Chev / Pontiac? Plenum Covers

Chevrolet 1935 - 1936 wooden framed door

Chevrolet 1935 - 1936 wooden framed door

1962 Pontiac Nose Panels

1967 Pontiac Taillight

Various Chev Driveplates

Pontiac Left Guard

Chevrolet 1935 - 1936 Bonnet

Chevrolet 1935 - 1936 Bootlid

Chev 4BBL Manifold

Chevrolet 6 Stud Wheels

Contact James on 0419 435 427 or Jon on 0407 101 023. or Email us: Click here

Date Updated - 16/08/2010 - Chevrolet Car Club of Vic.

To enable us to keep this section current, if you notice an advert listed on these pages that is no longer available, please let us know by contacting our webmaster.

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