June Coronavirus (COVID19) Update


Good news due to the governments relaxing of the group restrictions, we are back in business as far as meetings go with the first meeting was the Camaro TransAm group on 16 June 2020. There are still limitations on numbers and social distancing and the Camaro TransAm  meeting was limited to 20 members.

The numbers were to be further relaxed as of 22 June, however due to an increase in positive tests the Premier has put the relaxation in numbers on hold for another 4 weeks.  So the maximum number attending a meeting remains at 20 plus organizers.  When the numbers are increased to allow up to 50 we will then have to abide by the 1.5 metre distancing which means  we can only fit about 35 in the room.  

So far the club has adhered to all of the restrictions and we intend to continue to do so, therefore once we hit the number limit no one else will be allowed to enter the clubrooms.  Normally even in winter we would get more than 20 members attending a meeting, but after months of lockdown there could be a rush of people wanting to get out, or people might still be wary of being in a group so we aren’t sure how many to expect, so we are taking bookings so that we don’t have to turn anyone away, so if you wish to attend please ring and reserve a seat.

Contacts are:

Chevrolet club and Camaro/TransAm sub-group – Keith Taylor 0421 287350

Vic Vettes sub-group – Chris Sultana 0410 619207

  • The AGM scheduled for 4th May will be postponed to a later date and the current committee will stay in place until that time.
  • There will be no club runs or outings
  • The clubrooms are not available for hire

Club Permit Scheme renewals/applications including a stamped envelope with your address for return, are to be mailed to

Chevrolet Car Club of Victoria
PO Box 583
Toorak Victoria 3142

 (face to face renewals/applications are at the discretion of the permit officer)

  • The Bowtie will still be issued each month, but we need articles as there will be no meeting minutes.
  • The 2020 National Chevrolet Festival has been rescheduled to October 2021.
  • The club website calendar will be progressively updated

VicR oads have now advised that “Whilst they remain open, VicRoads Customer Service Centres will continue to accept payment for club permit renewals”.

Until life returns to normal we will provide updates as the situation changes via post, email, Facebook,  website and the Bow-Tie.  Please log onto the website and make sure your email and or postal  address is correct so we can keep you up to date.

In the meantime please comply with any government directives and stay safe.

Keith Taylor