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Bruce Bowen

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And some more info Jim, depending on your setup as yours is a later model I think (1978 versus my 1974), so changing the backup, I had fitment issues as it’s a 1156 single that needs to go to a 1157, and you can get the sockets with wire here (Bursons, Autobahn, Repco) but I discovered on mine the socket lugs on 1157 are different to the 1156, so I had to shave off some of the lugs so it would go into the original lens and then twist to lock. Also, I found the 1157 bulbs are longer than the 1156, so I had to get 2 highpower CREE LED switchback amber/white for the rear, and also unscrew the clear diffuser on them so they are bright for roadworthy and also they become approx. 5mm shorter with no diffuser as they are snug against the outer lens. So, it was quite a bit of trial and error with the sockets and different suppliers have different lugs too, to finally get a pair that works.
Similar to this, but I’ll have to look at the specs for mine and who I sourced them thru (I actually got a couple of different pairs.. trying to find one short enough).