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As the Chevrolet Car Club of Victoria Inc. has a history that dates back to 1974, there aren’t too many that haven’t heard of us, both from within the massive automotive enthusiast community and beyond, and our excellent reputation is one that has stood the test of time.

Proceeds from all sponsorship packages go directly to our club, the Chevrolet Car Club of Victoria Inc. and never to individual members, except for possible one of set up costs for any banner or logo design work that may be required if not supplied, which may need to be performed by professionals within that field.

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Examples of existing sponsors fully operational advertising banners can be seen already displayed here on this site to the top and left of this page, and all other main pages, so feel free to click on these to see how they link through to their own sites.

Customised sponsorship packages such as larger promotional exposure through our Website, or combination of Website and club magazine advertising campaigns etc, can be arranged on request.

For more information on the above sponsorship offer or to arrange a new sponsorship package to suit your needs, please email us by clicking here, and remembering to include your details such as your business name, contact person, phone number/s and preferred time for us to contact you by telephone.

To view our advertising terms and conditions, please click here

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