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End Of Year BBQ 2020

On Sunday 13th December we had our End of Year Sausage Sizzle. There was a great turnout and the weather was beautiful as were all the cars.

It was great to see so many faces I had not seen for quite some time, it was a wonderful piece of normality in a year of endless chaos and restrictions. It was a light hearted event, very easy going and relaxed which is just what the doctor ordered and everyone seemed to simply enjoy being together again.

Check out some of the pics and be sure to check out the next edition of the Bow Tie, due out shortly.  

Chris Sultana

December 2020 Update


    YARRAWONGA     22nd to the  25TH    OCTOBER 2021



Wow it is great to say that as the worst of Covid (touch wood) is behind us and Christmas is

rushing towards us like the new mid-engine Corvette at full tilt with Santa driving naturally.

Your Rally Committee…

Craig O’Donohue                            David Shaw                           Ron (yankee car man) Baker

Patrick Prusakowski                       Michael Johnson                  Ian Cole

All wish you the very best for Christmas and an absolute super New Year and more importantly

a great Rally in Yarrawonga in the Spring, and while on the subject of Yarrawonga it is pleasing to note that on the Accommodation side at the Yarrawonga Holiday Park there have been very few cancellations and the remaining bookings/deposits have been seamlessly transferred to the new date which is almost 12 months to the day from our original booking.

Likewise, all other hosting venues have been very accommodating in rescheduling our Festival.

They want this to proceed.

Rather than list all the accommodation information again the best avenue to find out the “if’s and buts” is to visit the Club Website look for the impressive Festival Logo and click on the link below it and all will be revealed.

Hand and glove with our Rally Partners in Yarrawonga are our Sponsors and they too have been

fully supportive of our reschedule.

While on the subject of Sponsors we and I am sure all Victorian members wish Daryl Meek all the best for the future as Daryl has been a great Ambassador for the RACV and the movement in general.

The only possible change to the Festival caused by Daryl’s departure is the fact that we may not be able to borrow the restored RACV Chevrolet Tow Truck which was to be driven in the cavalcade and positioned as a static display on the foreshore during our Show and Shine.

It will be a shame if the Tow Truck is not there as it would attract a lot of attention for the RACV

Closer to the Festival we will follow this up with them and report back to you.

We realise it is early days but look at your calendar and mark down the 23rd to 25th October

to be in Yarrawonga so that you do not double book that weekend and cause yourself unnecessary grief.

On that note the FESTIVAL COMMITTEE will sign off for 2020 and hope the problems of Covid

are well and truly behind us all in 2021

Stay Safe

4872 for the Rally Committee.