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    Hi Team/ members – I need some direction if possible – I have a fuel issue going up hills. It seem to run out of fuel/ lean – temp goes up. Starting off on a incline seems very sluggish. I have replaced fuel pump and acc pump – still same issue. Was going to put a kit through the carb but thought I would reach out first. The Carb is a holley 650 dp mech sec. The fuel float adjustment is internal, no external port hole or window or external adjustment.
    So I was thinking the float is to low. But would like to know anyone else have had this issue.


    Rodney Baker

    Total posts : 5

    Hello All,
    Fixed the issue – with multiple problems.
    Issues were:
    – Blocked fuel line and water in the tank.
    – Bad spark plugs – fouled.
    – Radiator had broken tank weld.
    – Water pump had a hole and was failing to pump coolant.

    – spark plugs
    – water pump

    – moved fuel tank and flushed.
    – flushed fuel lines
    – Radiator core replacement.

    Seems to be running fine now – power and not getting hot.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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