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Our increasingly popular Website generates a large volume of traffic, not only from many of our members that regularly revisit to check for updated club information, but also from thousands of interested people exploring what we have to offer!

As the Chevrolet Car Club of Victoria Inc. has a history that dates back to 1974, there aren’t too many that haven’t heard of us, both from within the massive automotive enthusiast community and beyond, and our excellent reputation is one that has stood the test of time.

Proceeds from all sponsorship packages go directly to our club, the Chevrolet Car Club of Victoria Inc. and never to individual members, except for possible one of set up costs for any banner or logo design work that may be required if not supplied, which may need to be performed by professionals within that field.

We have a variety of sponsorship options to suit various advertising budgets and can also customise a package on request:

All adverts displayed on our site will be linked directly through to your own Website.
If you do not have your own Website, we can simply link your banner through to a special page dedicated solely to your business, on our own Website, which we can create for you, containing your own text and/or graphics or logos as supplied by you.

Some of our Website advertising options we can offer are described below:

Top of Page (Header) Premium Option:


Your company or business logo displayed as a banner (size – 930 pixels x 100 pixels) displayed at random on the top every main page on our site.

As the top section of a web-page is the first part of each page site visitors will see as the page loads, a banner advert displayed here will right there in front of them!

This prime position top banner space will randomly display one banner at a time each time a new page loads, and will remain there until a site visitor moves on to another section or page, where of course the process will repeat once again at random.

Banners displayed will be randomly chosen from a list containing no more than 6 sponsors advertising banners.

The more pages each site visitor views on our site, the more each banner may be displayed, sometimes appearing a number of times if many pages are visited.

If we have spaces available, you may also choose to have your banner displayed in more than one of these 6 total spaces thus increasing your online presence.

Bottom of Page (Footer) Banner Option:

This is a similar option to a top of page (header) banner (size – 930 pixels x 100 pixels).

Being at the bottom of the page does not mean that this is a invaluable position, as website visitors will quite often scroll all the way down the page as they view the page content, so that bottom banner is the last thing they see, and then often click on through to the advertisers page or website!

You only need to visit the very large well-known sites to prove this is a popular position.

Left Side of Page Banner Option:

This is a fixed, non-random banner (size – 170 pixels x 100 to 340 pixels – the height of this banner can vary depending on individual requirements).


On a very large percentage of all websites on the Internet, where does one look to find the site’s navigation menu?

On the left hand side of course, so yet another valuable position is to have your advert below this!
As this is a non-random banner space, adverts displayed here will be always visible.

Examples of existing sponsors fully operational advertising banners can be seen already displayed here on this site to the top and left of this page, and all other main pages, so feel free to click on these to see how they link through to their own sites.

Customised sponsorship packages such as larger promotional exposure through our Website, or combination of Website and club magazine advertising campaigns etc, can be arranged on request.

For more information on the above sponsorship offer or to arrange a new sponsorship package to suit your needs, please email us, and remembering to include your details such as your business name, contact person, phone number/s and preferred time for us to contact you by telephone.

Terms and Conditions

By accepting our offer to take up sponsorship with the Chevrolet Car Club of Victoria Inc, you are bound by our rules as set out on our Website disclaimer page, and our advertising terms and conditions as set out below.

Chevrolet Car Club Website – Advertising terms and conditions:

  • The Chevrolet Car Club of Victoria Inc. reserves the right to modify advertising rates at any time.
  • All advertisements will be reviewed by Chevrolet Car Club of Victoria Inc. and are subject to approval by the Chevrolet Car Club of Victoria Inc. before placement on-site.
  • We reserve the right to reject any Insertion Order, graphic, text description or URL.
  • All sponsorship packages are limited to a minimum of 12-month blocks, although extra blocks maybe reserved for an extra booking fee.
  • We reserve the right to remove or modify any advertising material on our site during or after the 12-month period for any reason we deem necessary.
  • Once an advertisement is placed on our site, no refund will be given for those choosing to have their advertising banners removed from our Website before the 12-month period, or for any other reason, unless we, the Chevrolet Car Club of Victoria Inc. choose to do so.
  • We make no guarantee or warranty against any advertising that becomes not visible or not available for reasonable amounts of time on our site due to problems or defects within or outside our site, including hosting server outages and the like.
  • We make no guarantee or warranty that by promoting any business via our Website, the said business increases sales, as this is beyond our control.
  • We reserve the right to resize, modify or edit any advertising material such as graphics, images, banners, text, etc, supplied to us for the purpose of displaying on our site, for any reason we deem necessary.