44th National Chevrolet Festival – Yarrawonga Victoria.


“ G,DAY BOWTIES “  !!!!!!


As a result of the ongoing health concerns from the spread of the coronavirus and the Stage 3 Restrictions announced just this week by both Federal and State Governments, the 44th National Chevrolet Festival has been postponed and will be rescheduled to October 2021.


This decision has not been made lightly and has been reached in direct consultation with both the NSW National Festival Governing Body and the Chevrolet Car Club of Victoria Committee.  We all are and, will be extremely disappointed that our beloved festival that was set to be another great National Event cannot be held in 2020. However, the good news is that all the very exceptional arrangements the committee have put together for you will be carried over to 2021 and, the extra 12 months will allow us more time to make it even better!!.


To explain the situation from our festival perspective, we simply cannot provide you or our valuable sponsors with any assurance of the forward uptake and timing by entrants that are essential to make for the correct level of participation to provide you with an event at a level you have come to expect. Entries have effectively come to a complete stop since the government lock downs were put in place and the committee is acutely aware and considerate that every prospective entrant has been impacted by this situation to varying degrees that will also take an extended period of time to recover.


For example, a six month period of Stage 3 restrictions will take us through to September 2020 and many of us will then need to reassess our family position, our business status, financial situation and even possibly our employment condition. Therefore, the committee has elected to be proactive and provide everyone with sufficient advance notice to think and prepare for Yarrawonga 2021!!


For those who have sent in their entrant fees, these will be refunded ASAP and the committee encourages those many people who have made advanced accommodation bookings to contact your provider to cancel or even better, postpone until October 2021. Should any entrant encounter any difficulties in cancelation or deferment, please do not hesitate in contacting us at ‘chevfest2020@chevcarclubvic.org.au’ as we have consulted each of the primary venues and Yarrawonga/Mulwala Visitor Information Centre in advance of this important notification.



Sincere regards..



Your 44th Festival Committee