Newsletter 2



Hi all,

If like me you read the Newspaper or follow the News on TV you know

that there is a massive surge in Australian Holidays and with border closures

 all Regional Areas are also similarly affected.

If you wagged school during geography Yarrawonga is in a Regional Area.!!!

We (The Festival Committee) have been advertising and highlighting the fact

for months to book your accommodation ….….lock it in so you can move on !!!!

Our Festival is not the only game in Town and since Yarrawonga is a great holiday

destination people just go there to get away from Central Melbourne and other suburban areas.

Against this the venues we have approached have all held back accommodation for Festival Entrants so that you have somewhere to stay.

Unfortunately that is no more so you are now on your own and if you are

chasing accommodation get on the phone pretty quickly.

It is worth repeating that if Covid 19 does rear its ugly head and causes us grief

all festival entry monies paid will be fully refunded or transferred to the next year

as was the case in 2020.

In other words, there is no excuse brothers and sisters.

Moving on we also want to be fair to the entertainment venues the Committee has booked on your behalf.

In other words, we require your Festival Entry so that numbers can be finalised.

Your Festival Committee is diligently pulling all the strings together on this to ensure we have a great Festival so stop looking at whitewall tyres and that dull chrome you have to polish, put away your cleaning gear and become more proactive because our Club needs your firm commitment for a super Festival.

Now I know we initially indicated a cut off date for all the above was 31/8/21.

When this was done, we believed all will be back to normal by now ….it is not apart from the Covid issue there are massive supply and labour problems so

to be fair to all the Festival Support Venues we ask for your assistance in the above and don’t forget the border is just a stone throw away from Yarrawonga.

Ian for the Festival Committee