Signpost – Edition 5



Ian here for the National Festival Committee and just in case you have forgotten the Festival

Is between Friday 22nd October to Sunday 24th October with a farewell breakfast on Monday 25th October before heading off…… this year Bowties this year!!!

Hopefully by the time you read this info sheet the Facebook Page has been fully sorted and is up to date and humming.

We (the Committee) could devote a whole Signpost Article on the trials and tribulations of our Facebook drama.

The best analogy is if you are on a full resto of your car and 50 people have the parts, you don’t know their names or where they are located and you want to get past fitting the fuel tank.

The RACV have officially confirmed they will remain our Major Sponsor for the Festival and it is very pleasing that Nicole Ballina (RACV) is very supportive of the Festival Committee

ACCOMODATION is the most important thing to organise if you have not done so already as

The “digs “are filling fast so Bowties loosen up and follow this up on the FACEBOOK PAGE and

Book in and after that give yourselves a pat on the back and forward your Festival Entry form to Craig (with payment or he gets angry) so we can process you……. job done.

Most previous Signposts have been slanted to the boys so we thought it time to even the count.

Christie O’Neill is someone we look forward to catching up with in Yarrawonga.

For those that don’t know Christie is Peter Mantels daughter and although we all still carry the pain of Peters Passing Christie has organised the family and that never miss a festival Camaro, to be at the Festival and join in with us……so Bowties “Hats off to Christie and the Mantels”

Another person we want meet is Melissa Lane.

Melissa is restoring a 56 Chev and is pushing to have it completed and bless Melissa as she already has the plates IMA 56.

Melissa claims the plates will avoid confusion with the lesser 55/57 Models (actually she did not say this I made it up)

I could go on but I hope you get the message …. both Ladies organised…. accommodation and Entry finalised so come on guys go to the website download the forms, book Accommodation and submit your Festival Entry Forms

If this is all too hard get your wife or partner to do it for you.

My mother (Sylvia P) always said “The best man for the job is a woman “

Ian for the Festival Committee.